About Us

About Prime Vista LLC
Prime Vista LLC, located in South Florida, is the exclusive manufacturer of SwiftKick Sneaker Wipes among many other like-minded products. Our management team collectively has 50 plus years of the entertainment industry, product manufacturing, and celebrity lifestyle branding experience.

About SwiftKick Sneaker Wipes
Swift Kick wipes were strategically developed by sneaker enthusiast's with an objective to create a cleaner that was fast, effective, and simple to use. After extensive research and multiple lab visits the initial and unique idea was perfected and birthed. Our perfected proprietary formula "PPF" has the capabilities of cleaning and conditioning just about any dirty object.

  • Leather
  • Nubuck
  • Rubber
  • Vinyl

There is no other sneaker cleaner on the market that matches the cleaning and conditioning abilities of SwiftKick Sneaker Wipes. Visit our stores today to experience our amazing shoe cleaner.

Fast-Acting Sneaker & Boot Cleaner
Prime Vista LLC in Sunrise, Florida, is the company that manufactures SwiftKick, a highly effective sneaker and boot cleaner that conditions as it cleans. Our footwear wipes do not turn white surfaces yellow, nor do they damage the delicate surfaces of your shoes.

Effective & Convenient
Proudly made in the USA, SwiftKick is a nontoxic and multi-purpose shoe cleaner that cleans five surfaces in one wipe. It was specially designed with on-the-go people in mind. Infused with a formula that’s 30% stronger than its predecessor, SwiftKick can clean your shoes without the need for a brush. Just wipe each shoe once, and you’re good to go. You can order SwiftKick online, or look for them at the following outlets:

Care Instructions
For smooth leather, rubber, and vinyl surfaces, simply unfold the wipes to gain maximum use of their 7x10 inch area. Wipe down the shoes in their entirety, and apply pressure on heavily soiled areas when needed. For suede and nubuck surfaces, just wipe down until dirt is removed and pulled into the wipes’ stain-grabbing fabric. Allow the shoes to dry, then use a dry cloth and or brush to restore the soft surface feeling. (Do not spot clean, wipe the entire surface)